TCM World Congress 2017 held successfully in Warsaw, Poland
  • 2017-06-06
The team at Debtus/TCM Poland inspired 43 participants and 12 spouses to the 2017 TCM World Congress in Warsaw, Poland.

The team at Debtus/TCM Poland inspired 43 participants and 12 spouses to the 2017 TCM World Congress in Warsaw, Poland. Whilst we had a very successful business meeting we were impressed with what Warsaw has to offer from the clean city to world class cuisine. We sampled Polish beer, Polish vodka and fantastic meals complimented by our warm and attentive hosts who made us all feel totally at home.



Thanks for our hosts Hubert, Iza, Anna and the Debtus team providing this opportunity to unite us here. The official minutes as follows:

1. We welcomed 26 shareholders, 1 associate member, 2 agents and 14 additional participants to the AGM.

2. Signed off the amendments to include “Money Laundering” clause to our i) Code of Operations and ii) Code of Compliance.

3. Approved the minutes of the 2016 AGM held in Dubai, UAE.

4. Agreed to the updates to the agents’ agreement covering the secretarial office being changed from Belgium to Iceland, money laundering clause and financial credibility statement. Agents to sign off financial credibility statement on an annual basis as is applicable tomembers.

5. Introductions from new attendees:-CMS Credit Management Service - UAE: Hargittay & Toth Law Office – Hungary.

6. Audited Annual Report for 2016 for TCM Group International ehf: unanimously approved, no objections and no abstentions.

7. Presentation on how to build a strong brand.

8. Update on TCM self-insurance fund to be called TCM Guarantee fund and unique logo designed for the product, which will provide the group with a unique marketing advantage. Annual premium set at USD 1000 and documentation on fund to be distributed to members by end June 2017. Fund to be implemented effective 1 September 2017. All fiscal issues raised during AGM will be addressed to the Icelandic tax office through Sig.

9. Attendance by two members of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure).

10. Presentation by Mark Harrison –Association of credit for central and eastern Europe, to enable us to work closer with a view to cross selling services.

11. Discussion on additional logos for associate members, agents and service providers – board requested to undertake further investigations in this regard.

12. Discussion held on associate member in order to grow membership.

13. Requirements of clients – discussion panel consisting of executives from KUKE, WARTA and Bank PEKAO, moderated by Marcin Piasecki.

14. Budget for 2017 analyzed and discussed and approved unanimously, no objections and no abstentions.

15. Membership survey results discussed – results to be audited by Shaun Duncan to ensure accuracy specifically regarding Slovenia.

16. Nominees for board positions i) JeffLi – China ii) Hubert Czapinski – Poland iii) Laila Saleh – Egypt iv) BrianPoon – Canada v) Dmytro Govorun – Ukraine vi) Shaun Duncan – South Africa and vii)Andreas Albrecht Andrea - Germany. All nominees introduced themselves and stated that they had no criminal records and had no reputational risk.

17. 5 directors elected:  i) Jeff Li ii) Hubert Czapinski (chairman)iii) Laila Saleh (secretary) iv) Brian Poon (treasurer) and v) Shaun Duncan(CEO).

18. Complaints committee elected: Etiennevan de Vaeren, Cristina Alberti and Shaun Duncan - approved unanimously, no objections and no abstentions.

19. In the 2016 quality survey, you all placed Belgium (TCM BE) in the pole position, followed by Italy (Nivi), South Africa (Pienaar Sithole) Poland (Debtus) and Ireland (Mason Hayes &Curran).

20. The Platform will be adapted to include updates as requested by members. We currently have 4 members whose collection systems are linked to the TCM platform via the API so as to automate their international claims exchange process.

21. The charity auction was very well supported and raised a new record of US $24693.25 for the charity - Fund for the blind of Laski.